Kerhonkson Armor

Made of a lightweight carbon fiber blend with various materials to provide the player with extra protection against the forest foes of Kerhonkson. The insulating fabric helps regulate body temperature day or night, and keeps the player cool or warm as needed.

Kerhokson Armor 02

It is waterproof which allows players to ford rivers and get rained on without fear of getting soaked to the bone.

This sought after set also provides protection against harmful ultraviolet sun rays and pesky insect bites thanks to Dr. Gearbox’s patented SPF (Sun Protection Factor) level 100 bug repellent coating.

Kerhonkson Armor 03
Keronkson Armor 04

It is top of the line in forest comfort and helps with survivability. It’s fabric naturally adds to camouflage as it’s patterns is designed to blend into the natural fauna around the forest of Keronkson. Additionally, the tough lightweight fabric helps reduce damage and increase the survivability of the player.

Pouches provide numerous gear and materials that can aid in the players exploration. In addition a built in tracking device enables Dr. Gearbox and Jessica to instantly pinpoint the player in times of trouble.

Kerhokson Armor 05

A new environment means new and exciting challenges. This especially holds true for the harsh winter landscape found in Jasper, Alberta CA. You have only two choices here: freeze... or do something about it. One of the best ways to deal with the cold is to adapt to the climate, and that is where the Jasper Armor set comes into play.

Jasper Boss and Crew
Jasper Armor

It may look like a cute fuzzy bear suit, but it is far from that. This armor provides the wearer with both camouflage from predators as well as warmth and protection from the cold, wind and snow. And not to worry, no animals were harmed in its construction. The practical design leverages a special blend of Gearboxian polymer fibers that not only provide strength and durability but also provides heat. This all comes in a lightweight, weather resistant package that is optically customizable to blend into any surrounding .

When you suit up in Jasper, just remember that bears maybe cute, but along with cougars and grey wolves they are the dominant predator in the region for a reason. Their skin protects them from the elements, hides them, and allows them to hunt and not be hunted. Stay warm and happy hunting, little bear!

Jasper Armor Revel

Mohave is where things really start to heat up. In order to be comfortable, you will need a lightweight set of armor that is designed to thrive in a location that can easily reach temperatures of over 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Luckily Dr Gearbox designed the ideal armor decades ago. The only problem is the parts have been separated and scattered throughout the zone.


If you can manage to reassemble the entire set you will be greatly rewarded. A wide-brimmed hat provides shade from the uncompromising sun while lightweight microfiber garments promote maximum perspiration retention that will help you keep your cool. The chest plate has a built-in electronic analytics platform that will automatically trigger an integrated coolant system during times of extreme heat.

The set is rounded out by a utility belt that allows for multiple liquid containers to be attached while heavy-duty infrared googles protect the wearer’s eyes from sand and other debris. If you make it as far as Mohave, make sure to find every piece of this relic from the past. If you don’t, you can kiss your chances of defeating Scowlin, the zone boss, goodbye.


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