The portals are a unique creation of Dr. Gearbox. They were originally designed to help move objects from one place to another in an attempt to reduce the negative environmental impact of fuel based transport. The original idea was to enable farmers to ship fresh produce straight from the farm to the grocery store.

Portal 02

However, as the good doctor continued to experiment he kept noticing abnormalities in functionality including inexplicably receiving packages from unknown origins. As he explored these irregularities he concluded that this technology could potentially be dangerous, especially if used by people to transport themselves. Unsure if he should continue his research, Dr. Gearbox deconstructed the prototype portals and let the schematics collect dust on the lab shelf long ago.

Now those schematics are missing and in the hands of the recently departed Chuck. He soon realized that the abnormalities were actually the portal trying to connect to locations, places and times not currently on earth. Chuck’s first instinct was to make contact with the other side of his newly constructed portal to potentially satisfy his long dormant prime directive: “to help humankind.” 

Portal 03
Portal 04

He began to activate the portal but never paused to think of the consequences as Gearbox once did. WIthin seconds creatures from unknown origin arrived on earth in alarming numbers. Chuck attempted to shut down the portal but the damage was done. His many replications began to create portals across Kerhonkson, Jasper, Mohave and Kalapana making it impossible to slow the flood of offworlders.

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