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Education, Adventure, RPG, Turn-Based


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Early Access - TBD 2020


Free* (In-App Purchases)


Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch



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"Knowledge is Power"

Unravel the forgotten mysteries of an elderly adventurer by retracing his steps across four distinct environments. Overcome the odds by recruiting a deep roster of eccentric and fascinating creatures to aid you on your quest to discover the truth. Get invested in a compelling story while you learn a practical curriculum through our Battle Trivia system. Become proficient during Battle Trivia to unlock exotic loot and cast the most powerful spells.


You play the part of a child that innocently stumbles upon a hidden lab in Kerhonkson, NY. There you meet Dr. Phineas Gearbox, an elderly scientist who for many years explored the world and invented amazing creations. You find Dr. Gearbox in a state of crisis. Two of his robotic lab assistants have gone missing and inadvertently caused an intergalactic disturbance that will change our planet forever if left unchecked.

With Dr. Gearbox's trusty companion Botley serving as your guide, you must track down and dismantle an untold number of portals before the earth is overrun with critters from other worlds. The task will not be easy! All sorts of critters have already been spotted in various regions and will fight when encountered. Only by displaying your growing mastery of real world information can you harness the power of Dr. Gearbox's greatest creation: The Arcane Compass, an amulet that can channel the elements of the universe in ways that even Dr. Gearbox never imagined!

Battle Trivia

"Knowledge is Power"

  • The player leads a party of three, including any two critters they have recruited during their journey. Every critter possesses a unique set of abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Level up your roster and experiment with different party configurations to give you an edge in turn based combat.

  • During turn based combat, a timed Battle Trivia mini-game will appear every time the player character casts a spell. Answering the first question incorrectly ends the chain and the ability will have a weak effect. If the player answers one question correctly the ability will have an average effect. If the player answers two questions correctly the ability will have an above average effect. Getting all three correct will result in a massive, critical effect. The loot table heavily favors players that score high during Battle Trivia encounters and also considers how fast the player correctly answers questions.

  • The game records the player’s overall academic progress and makes it available to a parents, administrators, etc via a combination of a dashboard and email alerts.

Not Just STEM

  • A total of 40 STEM lessons will be available at launch in the form of campaign quests that directly relate to the story itself. Each lesson will have related Battle Trivia that appears during turn-based combat to reinforce themes from the quest lessons themselves.

  • Each lesson is designed by our academic advisors in conjunction with our story team - so the campaign itself combines practical learning with gaming themes like the hero's journey and overall character development.

  • In addition to the main story driven lessons we will provide numerous Battle Trivia packs that can be accessed during the turn based combat portion of the game. The topics will be wide ranging and in many cases will be bundled with in game items such as armor sets. As the user displays proficiency in the topic the armor set pieces will be unlocked and available for use.


  • Our proprietary "Amelia Battle Engine" controls the turn-based combat experience. Battles can range from fairly routine encounters to wave after wave of enemies depending on the situation.

  • Abilities range from basic melee and ranged attacks, healing, status effects, buffs and debuffs, area of effect attacks, damage over time, summoning units and more powerful variations and combinations of each.

  • When the Player Character selects an ability, Battle Trivia will commence. Score high on the academic portion of the battle to initiate the most powerful abilities.

  • Upon winning (or defeat), the player is rewarded with a combination of XP, loot and currency. The probability of better rewards is directly linked to the players Battle Trivia score


  • Players can create their own custom character including name, face, hair style and color, eye color, skin pigment and start clothing options.

  • We also pride ourselves in providing atypical options such as a customizable wheelchair, eyeglasses, hearing implant, alopecia, vitiligo, heterochromia, and more.

  • Players have 7 wearable slots including head, chest, arms, legs, feet, back, and item

  • As the game progresses a huge array of clothing and armor options are unlockable and customizable along with new abilities and ability slots for the Player Character

  • A large number of clothing and the core armor sets can be found via exploration and during battles. There will be additional cosmetic content released through the in-game store, much of which will be paired with Battle Trivia packs. As the player makes their way through the packs the cosmetic items will be unlocked.

Player Base, Social Hub & Gearbox's Lab

  • "Homebase" serves as a central hub for the player.

  • Use the Team Select Terminal to create, edit and save custom battle parties. 

  • Access the Locker to customize your character. • Utilize the Campaign Terminal to choose which level.

  • Flip on Dr. Gearbox's TV to track your academic progress, challenges, milestones, etc.

  • We also plan to add player housing, crafting, decorating and other cool functions to Homebase.

Achievements. Challenges & Leaderboards

  • Regional and global leaderboards rank players by Battle Trivia results. Players who meet certain criteria are given exclusive rewards.

  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly challenges reward players for certain actions including clearing levels, answering questions, etc.

  • Achievements track and reward players for various playing and collection milestones. For example, defeating 200 enemies, answering 500 questions, etc.

Diversity & Inclusion

  • Our team is passionate about Diversity and Inclusion and we constantly endeavor to pioneer innovations in this space.

  • We have an internal mandate to go far beyond the limits of any other game when it comes to allowing kids to express themselves in ways never before seen in a video game.

  • We encourage parents and other interested parties to send us suggestions on what we can include in our game to help make it a safe, thoughtful place for every child around the world These are just some of the D&I options that we plan to implement for Early Access: Wheelchair Options, Alopecia, Vitiligo, Albinism, Heterochromia, Hearing Implant, Feeding Tube


  • Listen to a captivating and epic soundtrack scored by Emmy Award winner Bill Bressler

Gearbox's Lab
Battle Scene

"We homeschool and belong to a few homeschool gamer groups. This has wonderful potential for many homeschool families!"

"We are a home educating family of gamers and are always looking for ways to bring learning and gaming together."

"I love the idea and concept behind your game! My kid loves video games and I too worry about them not being educational."

"If I can get [my kids] involved and interested in a game like yours, I think I'd be a lot more okay with how much time they spend with technology!"

"I really resonate with everything you said; I think this truly is a great idea and could be groundbreaking for something wonderful.”

Hidden Pathway, LLC

The Hidden Pathway LLC team is comprised of a combination of parents, gamers, educators and artists. We strongly believe that a child's passion for video games can be converted into real world knowledge due to the natural level of engagement that many children already have in connection to video games. It's our mission to make a game that can hold its own against the most popular AAA titles in its class while also delivering a standardized, customizable, educational experience.

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