Explore the different levels that you'll find within The Mechanical World of Dr. Gearbox™ 

In the shadow of the Kilauea volcano lies the small town Kalapana, which is the setting for our fourth and final zone.  Located on the coast of the island of Hawai’i, Kalapana’s lush tropical landscape was transformed into a fiery furnace when Kilauea erupted, spewing lava flows toward the sea and forcing Dr. Gearbox to abandon his famed Center for Geothermal Research and Botanical Experimentation.   


Return to Kalapana with Botley, Jessica, and the others in order to test your skills.To complete levels 31-40, you’ll have to draw on all of your knowledge to defeat the most challenging opponents in the game and face off against the final boss.  What secret is hidden at the end of Kalapana? Dr. Gearbox needs you to solve the mystery.


Home to a plethora of tough, heat-adapted animals, Mohave County, AZ is as treacherous as it is beautiful. Bats, Lizards, Spiders, and more can be found hiding in the shadows to stay cool. With pristine and expansive sand dunes, the breathtaking Colorado River, and mesmerizing mountain formations, it's the perfect location for our 3rd planned zone. Mohave County, AZ will span levels 21-30. Don't forget your sunscreen!


Deep within the snow-capped Canadian Rockies lies the endless nature of Jasper, Alberta. A true natural treasure, this location boasts glacier-fed blue lakes, winding aqua green rivers and dense fir and aspen forests. The diverse ecosystem is home to grizzly bears, moose, sheep, and elk along with thousands of species of plants and insects. This is our planned second “zone” that will contain levels 11-20. Currently under development, concepts include snow storms, frozen bodies of water, canyons and thick snow covered forests.

Kerhonkson Armor Set
Rock Goblin

Kerhonkson, NY is a sleepy town located about two hours north of New York City. Characterized by lush forests and starry nights, it is well known as a hotspot for hang gliders and mountain climbers. In the summer the spanning meadows come to life with the sounds of birds and cicadas, while families of deer can regularly be found frequenting their favorite ponds and streams.


It is here that Phineas Gearbox constructed his secluded lab in the tiny hamlet of Palentown which is located inside the Catskill State Park area. No matter where his elaborate adventures led him, Gearbox was always happy to return to the fresh air that gently rocked the pine trees in its breeze. This “zone” is the location of the game’s first 10 levels. Although the levels are still being designed, we envision meadows, forests, ponds, creeks, rocks and flowers to be the backdrop of this laid-back entry point to The Mechanical World of Dr. Gearbox.


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